Tunø – the island without cars

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Tunø is less than one hours sailing from Hou.

The weather on Tunø is, on average, better than other places in the country due to the geographical position of the island. Thus you can find mulberry and fig trees growing here.

Tunø has only one village with farms and well kept houses built in the traditional style along the only street. In the center of the village there are several relics from ancient times, and the old smithy is today a working museum. The church lies in the middle of the village on one of the higest points of the island. Because of this, the church tower has been turned into a lighthouse. In the old days, Tunø had it’s own vicar, and for many years the vicar also worked as the lighthouse keeper. A well known joke in those days was: On Tunø the vicar sleeps with the lighthouse keepers wife.

A narrow path, following the coast, takes you around the island. It’s a three hour walk. On the walk, you have a good chance of finding different fossils, especially below the steep cliffs.

On the island, you will find varied bird life.

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