Torsted Engsø

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Torsted Engsø (Torsted Meadow Lake) is a newly landscaped natural resort consisting of lake, moor and pasture. These marshlands have been made attractive for the public in the last few years with the construction of a meadow lake, and now the area has an impressive vegetation and animal life.

There is public access to the area. A new 1,5 kilometre long path circles the natural resort around creeks and the lake. A large herd of sheep are grazing and walking freely within the large fenced-in area.

You can access Torsted Engsø from Sverigesvej/Torstedalle and from the corner of Sandøvej and Vågøvej. You can park by the allotment garden association Søparken directly east of the entrance at Sverigesvej.

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Sverigesvej, 8700 Horsens

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