The Uncovered Bridge

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Experience beautiful engineering from 1899 at The Uncovered Bridge

This unique tourist attraction for the whole family was hidden within a dam structure for 85 years. In 2014 the bridge was uncovered and restored to its former glory, and today it is a magnificent sight and a great experience. 

Facts about The Uncovered Bridge

– 13,4 metres tall
– 50 metres long
– Built in 1899
– Covered in 1929
– Uncovered in 2014

There are great parking facilities near the bridge that crosses over the roaring river Gudenå (Vestbirkvej 2, Brædstrup). This makes The Uncovered Bridge an obvious choice for a picnic destination, and there are tables and benches below the bridge at the water’s edge. 

Today The Uncovered Bridge stands as a symbol of beautiful industrial engineering. The red steel railing bridge was the tallest railway bridge in the Nordic countries when it was built, and today it is covered by a wooden walkway so visitors can cross the bridge on foot or on the bike and enjoy the view over the nature at the river Gudenå. 


Larger groups can book a tour of the bridge and/or the Vestbirk Hydroelectric Plant. Please contact tour guide Jesper Sandgaard +45 20 43 68 76 (between 4-6 pm) or mail:

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