The East Jutland Farm Show

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At The East-Jutland Farm Show you can get up real close to the animals, try feeling a calf’s rough tongue, see a cow get milked and experience the big bulls and noble horses at short range. There are sheep with lambs, rabbits, chickens, cats and dogs.

All the animals are washed, sheared and beautified before they are judged. There is still a proud tradition in becoming the show’s best contender and here looks are particularly important. Most judging is done on Friday and the results can be seen on the prized animals’ rosettes.

The farm equipment exhibition at The East Jutland Farm Show features lots of big machines and hundreds of horsepower – a great place for the motor enthusiast who is looking for a tire to kick. In the ring the machines will be shown off in “The Parade of Machines”. There will also be a Power Pull demonstration performed by Ulrik Holm Maskinhandel.

At the farm show you will find a tent presenting the many local farm shops, each one bringing their own unique and distinct products. The common denominator for these “home growers” is that they all make produce, arts and crafts of high quality, nurtured with plenty of heart and soul.

And then there is the Pig Race, where 4 pigs with charming personalities run for the victory while the spectators cheer and root for their contender. The standard bet is an innocent Danish krone (1 Dkr). The Pig Race is a real crowdpleaser so there are also grandstands for the audience.

Big horseshow
Both Friday and Saturday there will a lot of “horsing around” in the ring. Friday begins with obstacle driving performed by Østjysk Køreselskab which shows off driving skills and impressive horse carriages. During the day you can enjoy the best animals in the ring. On Saturday there will be Ponygames, a superfun team sport where both rider and horse are challenged in a series of relay races.

Apart from the horses the entertainment program also offers other things like e.g. a gymnastics show.

Ticket price: 75 Dkr. Children under 15 are free.


Adults - 15+: price from: DKK 75
Children - 0-14 years: price from: DKK 30
Børn 0-5 år: Free
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