Summer activities for everyone in Horsens

The sun is out, and summer holidays in Horsens has begun. Embrace summer in Horsens with lively outdoor activities along the beautiful coastal landscape, and find unique cultural events for young and older holiday guests. The many children’s activities and fun playing events in Horsens are going to be a blast for the little ones!

We have gathered a selection of the best events, activities and and experiences taking place during July and August in Horsens. Both parents and children are invited to join the most wonderful summer days. To get the full view of all events – see our online calendar.

Concerts and live entertainment

Horsens is a decidedly cultural town with concerts taking place all year round. Even though some of the venues are enjoying a well-earned holiday, there is loads of live entertainment to be found in the summer heat.


Immerse yourself in a vanished past at the great Horsens Medieval Festival, where you can experience the Middle Ages resurrected – with live jousting tournaments and a medieval market with more than 100 tempting stalls. Or visit the old manor Serridslevgaard for the annual Fever-Tree Gin & Tonic Festival, where you can taste 85 different kinds of gin, eat delicious gourmet food and listen to live music.

Fun at the museum

During the summer you can participate in a long line of activities and events at the museums in Horsens. If you hate to miss out, then buy a museum pass, which gives access to four of the town’s museums at a very good price.


Keep the kids entertained for hours

Horsens is beaming with great activities for the youngest in the family. On a day focused on the little ones, they can gambol in the playgrounds, splash about in water or get their hands good and dirty while parents catch a break or participate in the fun.


Plenty of summer activities on the island Endelave

Endelave is bubbling with holiday moods, and activities are plentiful during the whole summer. For active types, summer is packed with events for young and old with Active Island Endelave. From meditative yoga in nature and hiking on “Kaninoen” to golfing in the fields and snorkling bingo aka searching for the small animals of the coastal area. A little something for all who enjoy an active lifestyle and holidays surrounded by great nature.

Fun in the city

When you need a break from shopping, Horsens has an abundance of events for all – right in the centre of town. Experience the fun childrens activities in Søndergade or enjoy the many activities along Langelinie – the local beach in Horsens. This place is buzzing with life during summer.

Sporting events and experiences

DGI organises an abundance of activities during summer that is perfect for bringing out a sweat while getting loads of fresh air. Do you enjoy hiking, or are you more of a football type? DGI has got your back.