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The Horsens-area offers one of the best vista points in Denmark, if you are up for the challenging and beautiful hike up to the top of Sukkertoppen (the sugar loaf). The 108 metre tall hill is named Sukkertoppen due to its shape and the fact that it primarily consists of sand. 

The “summit” of Sukkertoppen treats you with a splendid view of the most beautiful part of the river Gudenå where many exciting activities wait. 

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Sukkertoppen was used by the vikings

Archaeologists have found remains of a fornification from the Viking age at the southern end of Sukkertoppen. One can easily imagine that it was a strategically great place to seek refuge. In those days the hill was cropped which exposed the sugar-like sand that gave the hill its name. This also gave a terrific view that enabled them to see visitors from afar. 

Today there is grass and lots of trees on the hill that prevents the sand from drifting, but at the top of the hill there is a plateau without trees that allow you to see the view in several directions and the view up there is amazing. 

The qualities that made Sukkertoppen a great location for the vikings, also makes it hardly accessible today. The steep sides of the hill are hard to climb with a pram, and the climb is not suitable for the walking-impaired. It really is an uphill journey, but it is worth the effort. 

A view of great experiences from Sukkertoppen

From the top of the hill, you can see some of the great experiences that you can have around Sukkertoppen and the river Gudenå. 

At the foot of Sukkertoppen you can visit Klostermølle (monastery mill). Klostermølle used to be a Benedictine monastery in the Middle Ages. The munks made great use of the water from the river Gudenå by having a watermill at the monastery. 

Today, there is a big beautiful complex at Klostermølle that used to be a paper factory. The production went on until 1973, and even though it stopped in 1973 because of a fire, many of the buildings can still be seen today. 

The majestic buildings at Klostermølle are worth a visit. You can read more about Klostermølle here.

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