Of course, like in any other major Danish city, you can get everything you need for everyday life and parties in one of the city’s supermarkets.

Whether you need rye bread or just a packet of minced beef for dinner, there is a wide selection of both cheap, organic and healthy products.

If, however, you need to shop for the annual family lunch, the shelves of the city’s supermarkets are full of ingredients for the perfect Easter or Christmas lunch. Everything from bread and cold meats to Danish aquavit can be found in one and the same place.

Or maybe you are arranging a birthday for a whole school class, where nothing must be missing.

Shop ‘till you drop in one of the city’s supermarkets, where you can find anything ranging from disposable tablecloths and plates to balloons and party bags.

REMA 1000 – convenience store
Bilka Horsens Hypermarket

Other supermarkets

  • Bilka
  • Løvbjerg