Horsens has many cultural gems and there is also a host of nature locations that offer new experiences. However, being “full of impressions” does not satisfy physical hunger or thirst.

Discover some of the many specialty shops in Horsens and its surrounding area.

If you are looking for a very good quality steak or perhaps a handful of delicious sausages to throw on the barbeque, local butchers can help you stock up on excellent produce.

If you are uncertain as to which wine is best suited for the menu you have put together, you can find plenty of help in Horsens. The city’s well-stocked wine merchants are ready to help you select the perfect wine for your dinner. They can also help you if you need a brandy for the coffee or an aquavit for your sailing trip.

If your taste buds are tempted by coffee and chocolate, then you will also find shops in Horsens that specialise in these types of delights.

Move nature inside and take home seasonally coloured flowers and bouquets. You can also find new plants for your garden for when winter eases its grip on the soil and you are able to dig into the flower beds again.

Vinoble Horsens
Sdr. Vissing Torvehal
SOFI – Shop
Det Lille Røgeri – Smoked fish and specialties
The Island Shop – local products from Endelave
Water Of Life – Passion for Spirits
Fru Skov
Lopper og Landstil – vintage store
Tolstrup Organic Apples

Other farm shops and specialty shops

  • Beringsslagteren
  • Blomstersmedjen
  • Heart & Soul
  • Holte vinlager
  • Midtjysk Blomstermarked
  • Mokka T
  • Tromborg Blomster
  • Vinspecialisten