Horsens and its surroundings are worth a visit any time of year.

However, on some days, the weather may be a challenge and, when it is raining cats and dogs, most people would prefer to stay indoors.

Fortunately, there is ample opportunity to do things that makes even the rainiest day pass in a flash.

In the Horsens bookshops, you can find a good book that can help you completely unwind. You can also find board games, colouring books and similar activities that provide entertainment for people of all ages.

In addition, the city has several electronics stores whose stocks range from popular and current brands to the more exclusive in electronics and design.

The magnificent scenery of the Horsens area deserves being perpetuated. So, whether you need a new camera or maybe would like to have some of your perfect shots developed, the shops in the city centre can deliver.

If photography is not enough for you, you have the option of investing in everything from hunting gear to decoys in one of the city’s specialty shops.

In other words, there are no good excuses for feeling bored when visiting Horsens.

Other stores

  • Bang & Olufsen
  • Bog & Ide
  • Bogcentralen
  • Photocare
  • Våbenshoppen