Ree Park Safari

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Close to the animal kingdom Ree Park Safari

Djursland’s large safari park makes lots of wild impressions. On your journey through the park’s four continents, you experience a world full of fascinating animals. The scenic surroundings give the animals ample space to roam about and behave naturally. Every day there are lots of fun and exciting activities for the whole family.

Land Rover Safari

Join us on a terrific safari on the great savannah and get really close to giraffes, rhinos, ostriches and many other animals. On the way, the guide tells you about the wild animals of the savannah.

The American Express

Go on a fascinating train ride across the North American prairie. The steam train, Black Beauty, running on real steam, or the diesel train, Armstrong, leads the way, as you step on board for a ride back in time, and you get really close to bison, moose, black bears and artic wolves.

Wild animal activities

Don’t miss out on the many fun animal activities. The only cheetahs in Denmark chase their lunch with 70 km/h, the energetic lemurs jump around for fruit and vegetables, and the otters gather around their food. The guide tells you about the animals, and you are always welcome to ask questions. Also visit the wonderful monkeys on their own islands. You meet curious lemurs, cheeky squirrel monkeys and many other monkey species.

Camel rides and nature playground

Step on board the ship of the desert. Try a fun ride on the large camels. Adults are also welcome. Afterwards, the kids can burn off some extra energy at the big nature playground.

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