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The nature trail to Søvind

The beautiful nature trail from Husodde to Søvind, partly runs along the old railway tracks from Silkeborg. Along the trail, there are several opportunities to enjoy your lunch or take a rest in the grass.

On the tail you can find many exciting experiences. Take a turn to the right when you reach the outskirts of Stensballe forest where the trail crosses Haldrup Strandvej – then follow the path along the meadows towards the fjord. Or take a detour from Bavning and find a bench with a beautiful view of the fjord and the lake Vorsø.

The wildlife along the entire trail is very varied, many roe deer live in the forest and you will often be able to pass by them very closely. In the forest, you can find many fox-holes, and if you are lucky you might see a fox hunting. At Bavnen, hawks have breaded for years, and it is an impressive sight to watch this great bird fly across the meadows.

In Søvind there are great shopping opportunities such as a convenience store, an inn, a pizzeria and a dairy.You can also go to Brigsted beach close to Vorsø.

The road winds its way through the cosy town Brigsted with idyllic timber framed houses and farms – on the field horses and cow are grassing. On the beach, you find the most wonderful shelter which often is used by locals as well as tourists

The nature trail to Søvind

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