Find the best eateries, restaurants and cafés in Horsens

 Horsens is a wonderland of eateries, restaurants and cafés whose excellent chefs are ready to spoil your taste buds.

The pedestrianised street, Søndergade, and the nearby atmospheric streets – Grønnegade, Thonbogade, Graven, Levysgade, Torvet and Borgergade – make up the city’s gastronomic nerve.

Here you can find almost any flavour your heart desires. Whether you prefer new or classic, spicy or delicate.

However, also outside this area, you find eateries whose menus promise both edge and taste – several within short walking or driving distance from Søndergade.

Something for everyone

Fill up on good Danish dishes such as open sandwiches and fried slices of pork belly or let yourself be inspired by delights from the whole world that make your mouth water. Try American steaks, Asian dishes and sushi, Italian cuisine and seafood. From finger foods to buffet.

At a few places, you can even enjoy your food outside while enjoying the hum of the city and watching people go by.

Do you prefer to take your food away and eat it on the go in Horsens or enjoy it somewhere outside in nature?

Order a takeaway from a plethora of eateries, offering anything from a good steak and seafood dishes to sandwiches and burgers with crispy French fries.

When the whole family is eating out, the menu does not always have to be fried food. In Horsens, you also find child-friendly restaurants with dishes that suit both great and small and where the staff is good at handling the little ones.

A good ending to a good day

Cafés and bars invite you to enjoy cocktails, drinks and snacks as a good ending to a busy day full of experiences and shopping, a romantic dinner or a breathless city tour.

Delicious specialty shops and gourmet restaurants also have something to offer when you need to stock up on new energy.

And the experiences continue outside the city with lots of temptations that are worth taking a drive to reach.

Welcome to Horsens.

Find places to eat

Restaurant Opus
Restaurant Vrads Station
Bar & Restaurant Gasfabrikken
Endelave Kro – restaurant
Det Lille Røgeri – Smoked fish and specialties
Møhr Steakhouse
Restaurant Det Gamle Posthus
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Other places to eat in Horsens

  • Café Check-in
  • Frellsen chokolade
  • Gorm’s
  • Jensens bøfhus
  • Mad&Brød
  • Paradis Is
  • Spisekammeret