Do you feel like putting your life into perspective? Then visit FÆNGSLET, the prison in Horsens, and feel the thought-provoking history that has taken place here. Because FÆNGSLET – which houses concerts and festivals, accommodation and a prison museum – is calling for your attention.

For most people life behind prison bars is an unknown secluded world, but at the prison at Fussingsvej in Horsens we work hard to open this world and create life and activities in the old buildings. Here, you will gain a unique insight into life in prison. As soon as you drive through the gates you will notice that nothing has changed since it was called Horsens State Prison.

But the prison in Horsens is much more than just prison yards, cell blocks and tall walls. Today it is a company consisting of a museum, conference department, hostel, events, entrepreneurship and letting of business premises. Within all areas, our mission is to create extraordinary experiences and to be a beacon for the city of which makes Horsens something special and worth a visit for everyone.

At FÆNGSLET there is room for it all: Teambuilding in the prison yard, meetings in the detention, group rooms in the cells, presentation of the next big campaign at “Gamle Celle” or photography of a new product in the raw surroundings of the joinery.

FÆNGSLET also houses concerts with internationally acclaimed artists. Bands such as Metallica, Volbeat, Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, Lenny Kravitz and Rammstein have already performed here in the unusual surroundings. 

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