Experience Horsens from the air (awaiting new date)

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Experience Horsens from the air onboard a seaplane.

It is always very special to experience a city from above. It gives you a unique view of how the city is structured with roads, houses and the beautiful location by Horsens Fjord.

When you experience this from a seaplane, the experience is even more special.

When can I fly?

Saturday the 7th of July, NORDIC Seaplanes visits Horsens, which gives you the opportunity to experience Horsens and the surrounding areas from the air.

We fly at 11 pm.


Price pr. person: 597 DKK. The price is the same for adults and children.


Departure and check-in is at Horsens Roklub, Langelinie 20, 8700 Horsens.
Check-in is 20 minutes prior to departure.


Book you ticket at: https://www.seaplanes.dk/
Choose ‘Sightseeing Horsens’ in the departure field and fill out the booking information.

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