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Start: 17. February 2020
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Daniel Rye tells in his lecture live, frankly and with appalling details of his captivity with Islamic State in Syria.
Daniel Rye was arrested as a freelance photographer during a report tour in Syria in 2013 and captured by the terrorist organization Islamic State in Syria.

For 13 months, Daniel was held hostage by ISIS along with 23 other Western hostages, and he was the last hostage to escape the Islamic State's infamous prison in the Syrian city of Raqqa. After the ransom negotiations, Daniel is released on June 19, 2014, after which IS in the summer of 2014 kills the remaining hostages and Daniel's fellow prisoners one by one. Including American James Foley.

James Foley became the first victim of the video-documented executions of IS that went around the world. During their capture, he became close friend of Daniel, and it was Daniel who conveyed Foley's "letter" and farewell to the family. A farewell Daniel was conveyed orally and memorized.

Daniel's captivity was first known to the general public after his release for the sake of his safety, as the media, too, for safety reasons, abstained from covering the story.

A rare insight into a poignant story
Daniel now stands publicly and tells his horrible story. Listen eg. his dramatic and horrifying story of:

What it means to be hostage with ISIS.
How people survive torture and captivity, create friendships and keep hopes when it looks most black. A story that emphasizes man's incredible survival, and a story where reality surpasses imagination.
How his family initiated a collection for the ransom, and the circle of people who were consecrated in the public secret thereby grew. Which was a great risk to run in the effort to get their son and brother home.
How hard it is to return to an ordinary everyday life again.

A ruthlessly honest, vibrant and rare account of a 13-month nightmare that happily ended with release for Daniel. Daniel's experiences are also portrayed in Puk Damsgaard's book "Do you see the moon Daniel" (published October 2015).

Good frameworks create good experiences
We take pride in giving you good lecture experiences – we have therefore spent a lot of time in the event, keeping it in good, professional and comfortable surroundings.

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In connection with your ticket purchase you also have the opportunity to buy Daniel Ryes book "Do you see the moon, Daniel", this can also be bought on the evening itself. The books are handed out in the evening in connection with the lecture.

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17. February 2020
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I samarbejde med KultuNaut Leveres i samarbejde med Kultunaut