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Start: 21. January 2020
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New lecture with psychological entertainer Niels Krøjgaard Is it possible to read thoughts? Are there ghosts? Can the future be predicted? Have you ever had an experience you didn't understand and came to the conclusion: "It must be supernatural".
What is fup – what are the facts?
In an entertaining way, clairvoyants are revealed and newly religious sects exposed. Supernatural phenomena become natural and explanatory. The manipulation is uncovered, and the evening suggests what is scam, what are facts and what has simply never been scientifically investigated.

Entertaining and educational evening
On this evening, psychological entertainer and lecturer Niels Krøjgaard takes you into a world of natural explanations and heavy science. You will hear why the brain can "create" a faith. You get revealing and entertaining stories about how easy we are to manipulate and you get knowledge so that in the future you can avoid being faithfully manipulated. And then we probably can't avoid that Niels, with a glimpse of the eye, involves you guests to emphasize his points 🙂

"I can read thoughts, make others do something I have thought. Launch supernatural events by the power of thought – done right in front of you. All in a very convincing way – so convincing that you believe! But I'm not clairvoyant – but magician, I have no supernatural abilities – just knowledge of manipulation. "

quote Niels Krøjgaard

About Niels Krøjgaard
Niels Krøjgaard is one of the country's leading experts in religious manipulation. He is the man who in the DR1 documentary "Seduced" revealed the Indian guru Sai Baba's abilities that cheat. He is also co-author of "The Book of Politics on the Alternative – A Handbook of Mysticism and Science". And then Niels Krøjgaard is also one of the ideas behind the DR1 documentary series "Sensation for cheating" – where he also participated in the programs – and then he has helped get people out of new religious sects, among other things. more youth from Scientology.

Hope we see you for an entertaining evening
The goal of the evening is not to say what is right and wrong. It is up to each guest to assess what he or she should believe in. The goal is to show that there are people who both consciously and unknowingly manipulate our beliefs and that these people can gain immense power over us if we do not care. Hope to see you!

That is what the guests who have previously experienced Niels at Tikko say:
"So fun, entertaining and exciting lecture. Character = 12 with arrow up"

"A very exciting subject that was presented both humorously, factually, professionally and with a nice time distribution. Generally a VERY positive experience"

"It was so FANTASTIC, Niels was really good! Both the show part and the lecture were exciting and captivating :-)".

Entrance fee: 259

Event Venue

Scandic Bygholm Parkhotel

Schüttesvej 6, 8700 Horsens


55.865, 9.82508

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21. January 2020
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