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Start: 4. December 2019
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You know Nikolaj Kirk from Nak & Æd, where he, together with his faithful companion Jørgen Skouboe Møller, tests scout skills, hunting and cooking and at the same time gets a good deal of adventure in both Denmark and the rest of the world.
You now have a rare opportunity to experience Nikolaj for full blowout and get behind the scenes you know from TV.

Nikolaj Kirk is always on a gastronomic journey of discovery
An evening with Nikolaj, like his food, is always exciting, unpredictable and filled with amazing stories and experiences – from hunting to kitchen techniques in the world's countries.

Get behind the camera and closer:

Work on Nak & Æd – and hear where the title comes from?
Where does Nikolaj get his inspiration from?
Does a housewife taste good?
And the challenges of cooking and TV out in the bush, in dense rainy forests or cold tundra …

About Nikolaj Kirk
Nikolaj Kirk is both an award-winning chef and a writer and became a well-known face in Denmark after he starred as a cook in television programs such as Mad in the Box, Go tomorrow Denmark and not least the popular Nak and Æd. Gastronomy is Nikolaj's great passion, which he has written many books on and received numerous awards for. Following on from the passion for gastronomy, Nikolaj constantly seeks new techniques around the many small communities in the world that can inspire him to new dishes.

We look forward to a fantastic entertaining evening in Horsens!

Buy the books
In connection with your ticket purchase you also have the opportunity to buy Nikolaj Church's books "Grundkøkken" and "Grønt Grundkøkken" these can also be purchased on the evening itself. The books are handed out in the evening in connection with the lecture.

Entrance fee: 259

Event Venue

Scandic Bygholm Parkhotel

Schüttesvej 6, 8700 Horsens


55.865, 9.82508

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4. December 2019
kl. 19-21

I samarbejde med KultuNaut Leveres i samarbejde med Kultunaut