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Start: 2. December 2019
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How do we preserve the joy and optimism? There is good reason to be negative: politicians, global warming, terrorist threats, mother-in-law, boss etc. So why be positive? Could it be that those who are positive do best and live longer?
Offer of the week
Learn to turn down stress, sadness, and other discomforts, and turn up extra self-esteem, confidence, profits, and well-being.
Do you want to get together to exercise, stop eating candy or smoke, create a better work environment for yourself and your colleagues? Do you want to write SUCCESS ON ALL THE LIFE AREAS only in capital letters?
Cheat your colleagues, boss, family, next door and come first. Skip to the queue of life. Drop the law of law and live your dreams.

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Carsten Sommerskov has methods for everything – and he himself is a living proof that it can be done: From hate motion he became a marathon runner. From the leper to not touching it for more than 12 years (without missing it).

Who can?

Carsten Sommerskov has tried headwind: He lost 5.5 million. NOK on Roskilde Bank's good advice, and yet he managed to keep his positive and good spirits despite the fact that the entire pension savings were thus gone.

PS Take advantage of the chance – Carsten Sommerskov has moved back to Denmark after living 3 years in California – meet him at his upcoming Denmark tour.

PPS On this evening you really get the laughter muscles exercised, and at the same time you get concrete methods that work with home. So it is now you must hurry to buy a ticket before being sold out, as many have gone in vain when Carsten Sommerskov has been touring in Denmark.

Event Venue

@ Sønderbro Kulturhus

Lindvigsvej 1, 8700 Horsens


55.857, 9.83619

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2. December 2019

I samarbejde med KultuNaut Leveres i samarbejde med Kultunaut