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Start: 20. November 2019
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Join a prison officer on a tour of the exciting Prison Museum and get an experience out of the ordinary.
Bjarne Karlsen, Jannie Jacobsen and Kaj Rasmussen have worked together for more than 80 years in Danish prisons, a large part of which is in the old state prison in Horsens. They all have something on their mind and provide a vivid insight into an otherwise closed world. They are all three highly experienced and experienced mediators who are passionate about sharing their exciting and very personal stories.

Bjarne Karlsen
Bjarne Karlsen started his career as a prison officer in the State Prison in Horsens. Later he moved to Møgelkær Prison. Bjarne Karlsen has contributed knowledge and stories to the Prison Museum's exhibitions, and you can for example. see Bjarne as one of the museum's shadows.

Jannie Jacobsen
Jannie Jacobsen joined the State Prison in Horsens in 2002 and worked there until it closed in 2006. Jannie Jacobsen drove the first inmate from the old prison to the new prison at Enner Mark and continued his career there – interrupted only by posting to Aarhus Arrest , Møgelkær Prison and Kragskovhede State Prison. Today, Jannie works as a prison officer in Aabenraa Arrest and therefore has a broad knowledge of both open and closed prisons and detention centers.

Kaj Rasmussen
Kaj Rasmussen has worked 40 years in the Prison Service – 32 years in the State Prison in Horsens, 6 years in Enner Mark Prison and 3 years in Sdr. Omme, and in addition he has been involved in the design of the newly opened Storstrøm Prison. Kaj Rasmussen therefore has considerable insight into the development of Danish prisons in recent times, and he is also the author of the book "Forty years behind bars".

Maximum 25 persons Duration 75 minutes.

Entrance fee: 35 kr + entrance fee

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Fussingsvej 8, 8700 Horsens


55.8741, 9.8363

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20. November 2019
kl. 12.30

I samarbejde med KultuNaut Leveres i samarbejde med Kultunaut