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Start: 22. September 2019
I samarbejde med KultuNaut Leveres i samarbejde med Kultunaut

Animation and puppet theater for children and adults. Age group: From 6 years. Duration: 35 min without break.
"***** to Othello – a delight to the eye – a bit of a business"
CPH Culture

A fresh, picture-saturated and different puppet version of Othello, where there is full pressure on Shakespeare's political rapprochement.
Two politicians spin-doctors meet to make up for a lot of chess. On the game board there is no room for any scruples and out the story unfolds of how the insidious Lacky Jago with pigtails and lies distort the head of the naive warlord Othello – just to reach the peaks of power himself. It's Shakespeare – no one is spared, no one wins, everyone dies.
In short – half an hour of grave, nonverbal entertainment for the whole family!

Starring: Lene Hummelshøj, Finn Rye Petersen

Idea: Jacques S. Matthiessen
Director: Jacques S. Matthiessen
Scene designer: Christian Q Clausen
Doll maker: Martynas Lukosius.

Event Venue

Ceres Centret

Nørretorv 1-3, 8700 Horsens


55.868, 9.84423

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22. September 2019
kl. 11.30

I samarbejde med KultuNaut Leveres i samarbejde med Kultunaut