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Start: 22. September 2019
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Theater for children. Age group: From 12 years. Duration: 70 min without break.
Being a 13-year-old divorce boy, just as puberty begins, can be a major challenge in itself. When one's father also jumps out as homosexual on the first camping holiday in Norway, right after Mom slipped it a little for personal pilate training, it can all feel incomprehensibly challenging.

Arvid, who basically only goes to football, meets Native Americans who are twelve, and more at puberty than himself. She adheres to him even though he does not want anything to do with her. Her father is gay, a real handyman, and even so, he is the one Arvid's father flirts with.

Arvid and Native Americans make plans to prevent their fathers from falling in love

Starring: Peter Schlie, Julie Jeziorski, Mikkel Reenberg, René Benjamin Hansen

Instructor: Mia Lipschitz
Scene designer: Mona Schmidt
Light Designer: Sonja Lea
Sound designer: Jes Theede.

Event Venue


Skolegade 7-9, 8700 Horsens


55.863, 9.85143

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22. September 2019
kl. 10.30 & 12.45

I samarbejde med KultuNaut Leveres i samarbejde med Kultunaut