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Start: 22. September 2019
I samarbejde med KultuNaut Leveres i samarbejde med Kultunaut

A humorous idea about body, contact and technology. Dance theater for children. Age group: From 6 years. Duration: 40 min without break.
The technology is upon us, in us and between us. We love to play. check snapchats, send sms, watch Youtube and go online – on each of our screens. We are in contact with the whole world – but perhaps not at all with him or her standing next to it. Or ourselves.
What do you do when you want to play with someone who would rather stay with their screen? When are you really like that with someone? And what if the person you are with is actually a machine?

On stage, we meet Folmer, Ole and Antoinette, who in a physical and humorous way explore our world full of displays, artificial intelligence and human presence

Contributors: Antoinette Helbing, Ole Birger Hansen, Folmer Kristensen

Choreographer: Thomas Eisenhardt
Instructor: Catherine Poher.

Event Venue


Allegade 16, 8700 Horsens


55.8654, 9.8444

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22. September 2019
kl. 10 & 12.15

I samarbejde med KultuNaut Leveres i samarbejde med Kultunaut