Bygholm Park and Playground

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Just 200 m from Horsens trainstation and 600 m from Horsens city centre, is Bygholm Park – a preserved park  and nature area, with plenty of opportunities for walks around the lakes and creeks of the park.

The area  where the park is situated, used to be part of a large swamp delta, created by Bygholm river. The river still runs through the area, and in the park there are many lakes and wetland areas, which attract birds and waterfowl. In the centre of the park, you will find the ruins of King Erik Menved’s castle, which was originally built in 1313.

The rest of the park contains a large playground, with a fire pit, shelter and a fitness track. A small amphitheatre sets the stage for both role playing and children’s theatre. In addition there is an orienteering track with 24 posts, a 9 hole disc golf course and an area for playing petanque.

In a section of the park, is a fenced in dog park, where dogs are allowed off leash, except when the area is used as training grounds for the local kennel club.

When the weather permits, during the winter, a large area is irrigated – creating a nice skating rink, which is free to use.     

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