Get the most out of your visit

There is a lot to see in Horsens and the surrounding area.

On this page, you can find tour suggestions as inspiration for new experiences in the city and in nature.

Tour suggestion: A full day for two

Enjoy the togetherness with a lovely day both inside and outside.

Kl. 10.00–12.00: Pay a visit to FÆNGSLET.
Kl. 12.30–13.30: Have lunch at Det Lille Røgeri – or order a picnic basket to enjoy somewhere outside.
Kl. 13.30–14.30: Visit The Uncovered Bridge and enjoy the beautiful nature around the river Gudenåen.
Kl. 15.00: Enjoy a cup of afternoon coffee at Gran.
Kl. 16.30: Take a walk in the city centre, do a bit of window-shopping, or explore the city centre sculptures and street art.
Kl. 18.00: At Gasfabrikken, you can start or end your dinner with one of the restaurant’s home-distilled gins.
Kl. 20.00: At Horsens Ny Teater, an abundance of live entertainment is waiting for you.
Kl. 22.30: End the day with an evening drink at Corfitz.

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Tour suggestion: A half-day for everyone

The (almost) free pleasures.

  1. Unwind by taking a lovely walk at the Marina.
  2. Participate in Street Yoga at Langelinie.
  3. Stay at Langelinie. Enjoy your packed lunch, play a game or kick around a ball (bring your own game/ball).
  4. Nip into the city centre for a delicious ice-cream at e.g. Vaffel Caféen and enjoy the quiet evening.

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