This is how you have a perfect evening out

Do you know that feeling of just needing a cold beer? Or a nice drink to finish off a good dinner?

In Horsens, you will never go thirsty or be bored. The city has nightclubs, bars, pubs, bodegas and cafes – cosy, fun, quaint and wonderful.

Something to suit any taste and something for any occasion.

The best thing about Horsens nightlife is that everything is centrally located so you can easily visit several places on an evening out – or even go on a classic pub crawl.

Whether you are 18 or 40+, Horsens is the perfect place for an evening out.

Bar & Restaurant Gasfabrikken
TERRASSEN Cocktail & Snackbar
Dollys – Café og Bar

Quench your cosy thirst at a bar or café

Horsens provides the framework for the nicest evening with beer, wine, juice, drinks, cocktails, snacks and much more. Just bring the good company.

Visit the organic bar of Gasfabrikken, for example, which serves up three homemade bathtub gins:

  • Botanical – made on lemon balm and lime, amongst others
  • No 7 – with flavours of grapefruit, black pepper and much more
  • Old Tom – with flavours of liquorice root and cardamom, amongst others

Try the pitcher of the week or explore the world of wine in the Corfitz wine bar.

Enjoy the lounge atmosphere at Gran and Terrassen when the DJ plays at the weekend or end the evening with a draught beer and a cosy board game in the bar at Dollys.

You can also treat yourself to a trip to the Fever-Tree Gin & Tonic Festival at Serridslevgård where you can taste more than 85 types of sensational gin.

If you prefer a nice beer, visit Vinoble which sells the two local beers, the Horsens beer and the Golden Horse Ale no 100. You can also discover a large selection of fine wines and spirits.

Culture, concerts and events

In addition to bars, cafés and nightclubs, you can also spend the evening on a cultural event such as a concert, lecture, play, stand-up or another type of event.

Culture is good for the soul – and, in Horsens, you find culture in abundance. Live entertainment, live music and live concerts are found at established venues as well as in cafés and pubs around the city.

Afterwards, you can join the nightlife and go dancing, have something sweet with your evening coffee or enjoy a nice bottle of wine with the object of your affection or a couple of beers with your friends. Whatever you prefer, Horsens has something to offer you.

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