The filled patty shells have made this island famous

The island of Alrø offers numerous water activities for fishermen and kite surfers, unspoilt nature, a history dating back to the Stone Age, welcoming farm stores and, not least, some of Denmark’s best filled patty shells.

The Danish write Morten Korch was inspired to write his stories while living on the island which is located in Horsens Fjord.

The landscape is very flat and open which means you have fantastic views of the cultivated fields that continue all the way to the island shores. Alrø is 7 km long and 5 km wide and has been inhabited since the Stone Age.

The very particular island atmosphere is what makes Alrø very special.


This is how to get to Alrø

From the seaside you can ride the bicycle in the summer and ride the Bike Ferry between Alrø-Snaptun over Horsens Fjord – with island hopping via Hjarnø.

Throughout the year you can drive to the island by car on a 1-kilometre-long embankment which dates from 1929.

Did you know that the small bicycle ferry has crossed Horsens Fjord since the year 2000. First as a small fishing boat by the name “Gitte Marie” and, since 2014, with “Lille Hjarnø” the spare ferry to the Hjarnø ferry.

Beautiful views from the highest point of Alrø

At the highest point of Alrø, you find one of the district’s smallest churches Alrø Church some 14 metres above sea level and, from here, you have a beautiful view of Horsens Fjord.

The church is distinctive as it looks like a roman church albeit that it was constructed in the late Middle Ages around 1400 AD. An old tradition is upheld in that that bells toll for a full hour during a funeral.

Famous filled patty shells

The majority of the island is nature or being cultivated but there are also small farm shops and eateries. Møllegården has an eatery in the old pig house with pens, troughs and feed alleys. They serve Danish food with a modern touch, and sometimes they arrange different events and concerts.

In the old grocery store you can eat and stay overnight at Alrø Traktørsted which is decorated in a  style that evokes that special (grandmother) mood – in the good way. The menu also includes dishes from Danish cuisine and the food is made using local produce. A specialty is probably the restaurant’s thick omelette with crispy, fried slices of pork belly, chives, tomatoes, pickles and homemade rye bread.

We also recommend that you visit the far end of the island to taste the famous filled patty shells at Café Alrø.

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Island activities

On Alrø, you experience true Morten Korch idyll with timber-framed houses, an abundant birdlife and beautiful natural surroundings. Conditions are also good here for both fishermen and wind and kite surfers. However, you must bring your own gear.

If you are lucky, you may still find old Stone Age tools left by the island’s former inhabitants on the south-side of the island.

The story of Alrø

Legend has it that the island Alrø was given its name during Viking times when the Viking King Hjarne lived on the nearby island Hjarnø. He married the girl Alrune and gave her Alrø (Alrune’s Island). The son, Lave, was given the island Endelave.

The Danish author Morten Korch lived and worked on Alrø from time to time. He let himself be inspired by the surroundings and farms such as Bakkegården and Møllegården are to be found in both his novels and on the island.

Alrø has 161 residents and is part of Odder Municipality.

Island hopping

Get close to island life and experience the unique, authentic experiences that the East Jutland archipelago’s beautiful gems have to offer.

Cross Horsens Fjord on the cosy, small bicycle ferry, taking you between Alrø and Snaptun and do an extra island hop to Hjarnø. Amongst other things, you may here see stone ships dating from the Viking Age and one of Denmark’s smallest churches.

Snaptun is located on the southern coast of Horsens Fjord. Here, you can experience the charming harbour environment with its marina, fishing village and ferry to Hjarnø and Endelave.

In addition to Alrø and Snaptun, you can enjoy the views from Tunø’s combined church and lighthouse and watch the wild rabbits of Endelave.