Must-have experiences on the most beautiful part of Gudenåen

In Tinnet Krat south of Horsens, a spring trickles from the ground.

This is the spring of Denmark’s longest watercourse – Gudenåen. By far the most beautiful stretch traverses the western part of Horsens from Åstedbro in the south, past Voervadsbro and Klostermølle to Mossø in the north.

With its 150 kilometres, Gudenåen is Denmark’s longest watercourse and its level drops by 70 metres from its source to its outlet. Whether you want to hike the area of Gudenåen, to go fishing or canoeing, you are in for a fantastic journey.

The river starts at its springs in Tørring and runs all the way to Randers. In the areas along the river, you may also climb hills with beautiful views and go horseback riding.

Let this page inspire you to enjoy wonderful experiences along the river Gudenåen.

Sailing is permitted from 16 June to 28 February

Sailing on the stretch from Tørring to Klostermølle/Mossø is only permitted during the period 16 June to 31 December. You may use a private canoe or kayak with valid entrance permit. You can purchase this permit at

Did you know that Gudenåen is also known as “Denmark’s only river ” because of the specific fauna of the watercourse? The river is home to all of 30 different species of fish.

Places to eat along the river Gudenåen

Hotel Pejsegården, Restaurant
Café Sdr. Vissing Torvehal
Rødspætten – Det Lille Røgeri
Restaurant Det Gamle Posthus

Accommodation along the river Gudenåen

Hukærgaard B&B
Hotel Pejsegården
B&B Toften
Gudenå Camping Brædstrup
Elite Camp Vestbirk

Distances on Gudenåen

Did you know that a day-trip in a canoe is approx. 15-20 km?

  • Tørring – Åstedbro: 15 km
  • Åstedbro – Brestenbro: 6 km
  • Brestenbro – Vestbirk Hydro-power plant: 7 km
  • Vestbirk Hydro-power plant – Voervadsbro: 7 km
  • Voervadsbro – Klostermølle/Mossø: 6 km
  • Klostermølle – Ry: 10 km