Catch an authentic nature experience

Where do you want to fish? In a lake, a stream, on the coast or on the sea?

Everything in fishing is possible when you are in Horsens.

If you are looking for child-friendly fishing lakes, we think you should visit Fyelmose Nature and Fishing Park which offers three natural lakes of different sizes.

Horsens Fjord is one of Denmark’s finest with a coastline and conditions which provide good fishing.

From the fjord, there are several streams that you can also fish. There are several large lakes in the area – some of them connected to Gudenåen which also traverses the area.

Remember a fishing license

If you are more than 18 years old or under 65, you must have a fishing license. You can buy the fishing license at Husodde Strand Camping, at Effektlageret or at

Always check the local rules for fishing before grabbing your fishing rod.

The joy of fishing

To get rosy cheeks. Smell nature. Sense the peace, the calm, to listen to the lapping of the water. Follow the fish swimming around. Greet the kingfisher, the swan and the other birds. Enjoy the trees, shrubs and flowers. It does not get much better. Healthy and invigorating for body and soul.

We all, including young families, need to enter reality to have experiences – and why not choose the unique and authentic Danish nature?