Horsens has many nature experiences on offer

Canoeing on the most beautiful part of the river Gudenåen, visiting The Uncovered Bridge and experiencing the genuine island atmosphere of Endelave are just some of the unforgettable experiences that await you in the nature around Horsens.

Have you considered that it is not just beautiful to look at and nice to be in?

It also helps you find your way back to yourself, find time with your family, and find that peace which it is so hard to find the time for in a busy everyday with a full calendar. Being in nature actually even boosts your ability to concentrate and reduces stress levels in both children and adults.

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Try it yourself. Unwind while the current takes you up the river Gudenåen.

Take our recommendations for hiking routes or bicycling routes and experience the varying, beautiful landscape close up. Get closer to your partner as you finally take the time and space for conversation, togetherness and presence.

Enjoy the simplicity of island life as you catch your own reflection in the clear waters of the islands of Endelave and Alrø.

Or watch the joy in the eyes of your children as they catch their first fish.

This page invites you to explore our guides for nature experiences at all levels.

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