Find historical attractions in Horsens

 From exciting museums and churches to ancient buildings, monuments and memorials.

If you are interested in history – whether contemporary history, the Middle Ages or Horsens in the old days – Horsens offers ample opportunity to rediscover it.

The city is one of the oldest in Denmark with the oldest archaeological finds dating back to 800 AD.

Keep an eye on Horsens Museum which occasionally arranges city walks around Horsens enabling you to experience the historical sites and art, sculptures and wall art in the cityscape.

Schedule: Historical attractions

Denmark’s Industrial Museum
Glud Museum
Horsens Art Museum
FÆNGSLET – The prison museum
Museum Pass – visit 4 Horsens museums in 7 days
Tremhøj Museum
Glud Museum – Bringing history to life
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Visit local churches

In Denmark, the churches are some of the oldest preserved buildings. Church of Our Saviour is, for example, the oldest building in Horsens. The churches testify to different architectural eras and often contain exciting, and sometimes bizarre, art or decorations that have helped in convincing churchgoers of their faith.

Symbolism played a major role in church art and it is an exciting exercise to go exploring and see how symbols are used in the various churches.

You may tour the churches of Horsens yourself and walk or cycle to several of the local churches and make a day trip out of it.

Alrø Church
Uth Church
Hjarnø Church
Vor Frelsers Church
Brædstrup Church
Horsens Abbey Church
Nim Church
Vær Church
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