This is what to do in Horsens

Whether you are interested in music, exciting works of art, festivals or major sporting events, the cultural city of Horsens offers a wealth of good experiences for everyone.

You are off, and you want to do something. Do something different than what you usually do. Perhaps something that could inspire you and provide you with new impressions. Maybe something cultural. You are just not sure what.

If that sounds familiar, then you can find help here.

We provide you with a schedule of the coolest cultural experiences in Horsens for you to enjoy on a day off, at weekends or during a holiday.

Save the places for your journey in My VisitHorsens, then you will always have experiences at your fingertips.

The city of culture offers many events – both big and small

Horsens is known as a city of concerts that attracts internationally famed artists. Each year Horsens & Friends convince globally esteemed artists to visit with large shows for thousands of spectators. But there are many other organizers of cultural events that make the city full of life and help brand Horsens as a city of culture. Hostmanship and participation in cultural events is in the city’s DNA – and you can feel that when you visit us.

A selection of upcoming Horsens & Friends events

Here is a tip: Explore the city architecture

When you drive to work, pick up children, go grocery shopping, or take care of some of the many other everyday things, you may not notice the buildings around you.

But you do when you visit a new place.

Even the most ordinary street can hold many exciting impressions from different historical periods.

Maybe you pass a historic mansion from the Baroque when you go shopping? Perhaps members of a foreign court once lived at the square where stores now hold market days with good first-com/first-serve offers. Perhaps your favourite cafe overlooks a new building that are in line with the latest architectural trends.

Lots of exciting stories may be hidden in the buildings you see, so look carefully when you are out for walk – you may just notice something you have not noticed before?

Tip: Does your city have a city archive? A city archive is a great place for identifying some of the exciting historic buildings of your local area.

Visit Horsens Town Archive and look through exciting photographs and records from the 19th century and up to today.