Fantastic museums tell the story of Horsens

Curious about our common history and what has contributed to making the world look like it does today?

Visiting museums is a great way to discover a new city and Horsens is home to museums on almost anything between heaven and earth. Covering both narrow fields of interest and wider, historic topics.

Delve into contemporary history, for example, and learn more about the industrialisation, explore the Middle Ages, or learn what life in the villages was like when great-grandad was a child.

We have set out a list of the best museums with exhibitions and in a class of their own which you must not miss.

Denmark’s Industrial Museum
Glud Museum
Horsens Art Museum
FÆNGSLET – The prison museum
Museum Pass – visit 4 Horsens museums in 7 days
Tremhøj Museum
Glud Museum – Bringing history to life
Horsens Museum
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Visit the largest prison museum in Europe

Take a unique journey through time and join us behind the bars of an otherwise closed world in the prison museum FÆNGSLET.

The museum is Europe’s largest and has won several prizes for its ground-breaking exhibitions which takes you behind the bars of the old Horsens State Penitentiary to meet the shadows of past inmates or follow an employee through the museum by the use of interactive ID cards.

Delve into the achievements of the past century and take the wildest trip down memory lane at Denmark’s Industrial Museum. You can watch as impressive, historical machines are brought back to life, visit BANKEN a museum illustrating daily life in Denmark’s banks in the 1930s, and much more.

Histories from the Horsens area

If you are passionate about local history, then Horsens has something for you, too. Visit Horsens Museum where you can learn more about the Middle Ages, the local area, the founding of Horsens some 800 years ago and the local explorer, Vitus Bering.

If you would like to know what life was like in the villages during the past 350 years, then you should visit the living museum Glud Museum. At the museum, you can visit Denmark’s oldest known farmhouse dating from 1662, participate in fun family activities or experience the many workshops.

Visit four museums at a great price

If you want your stay in Horsens to be filled with history and great museum experiences, then you might want to consider buying a museum pass that gives you access to the four biggest museums in the city with a great discount. With the museum pass you can visit FÆNGSLET, Denmark’s Industrial Museum, Horsens Art Museum and Horsens Museum at the affordable price of 200 DKK. You can even have a free cup of tea or coffee at two of the museum cafés. And you do not have to buy one for the children – children get free admittance at all the museums in Horsens.